Fuar Adı : Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Exhibition
Fuar Açılımı : There is a wide variety of sports and an increasing interest in new tendencies and ways, in which we can improve our health and physical shape. The Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Exhibition will become a place for presentation of brands and trends, and for the gathering of importers, manufacturers, traders and consumers. The framework of the exhibition includes: equipment and facilities for various sports, natural and organic foods, beverages, clothing and cosmetics, holistic approaches to health, dietary practices and more. The profile of Sport & Healthy Life is both business directed and customer oriented. It combines professional opportunities for new partnerships for the business with a wide selection of brands and products for the consumer to choose from. Winter sports will be the focus of the first edition of the exhibition. Appreciating the numerous benefits of physical activity, more and more Bulgarians are beginning to change their habits. Our country is one of the most attractive European ski destinations, with well-developed mountain tourism. Furthermore, we are amongst the five most renowned bicycle manufacturers in Europe. Golf is one of the most luxurious sports with an increasing popularity, causing tournaments to be held in different geographical locations. The existence of 7 golf courses has helped Bulgaria to win the hosting of several professional and private golf tournaments. Sofia has recently received the prestigious title of European Capital of Sports for 2018, which is a recognition for the achieved results and a guarantee for the continuation of the investment processes in sports infrastructure. The production of bio products is on its way to becoming a potential market niche due to the rising demand, the change in consumer’s culture and the availability of ecologically clean lands.
Ülke : Bulgaristan
Sehir : Sofya
Fuar Alanı : National Palace of Culture
Tarih : 15-10-2015 - 17-10-2015
Sektör : Spor Ürünleri, Turizm ve Seyahat, Organik ve Doğal, Sağlıklı Yaşam, Alternatif Tıp
Periyod : Yılda Bir
Organizatör:Via Expo Ltd.
Adres:22, Pobeda str. · 4003 Plovdiv
Belge geçer::+359-32-960011
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